Calling garden and wildlife enthusiasts!

18 May 2021

Want to do more to ‘green’ your garden and your street? Do you want to learn more about our native wildlife and how your garden can become a haven? Greenhavens Network can support you from a window box to big scale garden reserve! Do you want training to become a Wilder Garden Champion? Wilder Gardens is the perfect opportunity for you to do all these things.

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Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned expert, or you have another gift, there is a place for you within this project, all are welcome. We want to help people to do something for nature, maybe letting their gardens be a bit wilder and in some cases just adding a few features to help even more. We totally understand that your garden needs to be suited to your family and your needs but it is amazing what you can achieve with just a few changes. We also understand now that formal gardens and non-native plants are also able to be amazing for wildlife.

Together with friends, neighbours and hopefully whole streets we can create corridors for nature that is struggling to find space due to development and climate change. Let’s be the change we want to see, the time to act is now and together we can step up for wildlife. Please contact Jessie Rodriguez on or via the Greenhavens Network on Facebook.

This Greenhavens project is funded by the Enjoolata Foundation.

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by Greenhavens Network

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