Community groups urged to plant trees

30 June 2021

Two new rapid tree planting funding opportunities for Green Space Forum members.

In a response to Brighton and Hove City Council’s carbon-neutral pledge, the Cityparks Projects Team has identified two rapid tree planting funding opportunities for Green Space Forum members to apply for.

  • Up to 23 trees can be funded per group/application.
  • The above funds must be matched funded with either raised money or more crucially with labour for planting or tending. This is where Green Spaces Forum volunteers may have an opportunity to avoid paying match fees by coordinating themselves into community planting teams.
  • All applications are to be agreed with Cityparks Arboricultural team
  • Trees can be located across several parks, be one location, or combine several applications. Therefore, Cityparks are open to ideas about any single location for multiple applications.
  • Applications must be by community groups.
  • Max application 23 trees per application or £30k per cluster- Min application 9 trees or £10k which covers on-going maintenance and establishment.
  • Groups to identify on maps where they think these should be placed (Not street trees) and Cityparks will need to approve suitable tree species and locations.
  • We must identify locations to plant at least half of the trees by October 2021, completed by the end 2022.
    Five small trees (whips) provided free from the woodland trust

In order to maximise this small offer, Cityparks are recommending that all the Green spaces Forum groups look at pooling their five trees allocation together at one location.

The broad idea could be to create a single Jubilee memorial perhaps similar to the giant V at Westmeston commemorating the record reign of Queen Victoria on a prominent slope. see 

Alternatively, trees could be amalgamated into an urban fringe woodland if no suitable prominent site can be found.

If you are interested in applying for either of these two grants please feel free to start the process using the following links but please let Project Officer know in advance.

By The Living Coast

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