Environmental education to continue with new funding!

20 March 2024

We've partnered with The Aquifer Partnership to boost Brighton & Hove City Council's Our City, Our World program.

We’ve partnered with The Aquifer Partnership to give Brighton & Hove City Council Our City, Our World educational program a big boost.

Our partnership secured £35,000 for the 2024/25 academic year, underscoring our commitment to environmental education and the power of working together!

Our City, Our World goes beyond traditional environmental education by embedding sustainability into everyday learning, fostering a generation of inspired, conscious citizens ready to tackle the challenges of climate change.

In fact, we’re already working hand-in-hand with The Aquifer Partnership and schools to create rainscapes and promote outdoor learning, nurturing a new generation of water-wise citizens.

This partnership is perfect for students, as water is one of the six themes they explore. Students learn all about our unique chalk aquifer while exploring the effects of water run-off from urban development, the critical role of water in the food, energy, and manufacturing sectors, the pressing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans, and the importance of water as a crucial habitat for biodiversity!

The Aquifer Partnership works to protect the vital water resources nestled within the chalk aquifer beneath the Downs. Comprising Brighton & Hove City Council, South Downs National Park Authority, Southern Water, and Environment Agency.

Let’s support the next generation with the knowledge and passion needed to become environmental stewards. Together, we’re working towards a future where sustainability is second nature, ensuring every action and every drop counts.

Images by Cheyenne Plant and Mike Luscombe

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Melanie David-Durand

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