The Big Green Day Out

Join us for the Big Green Day Out! We are inviting you to explore wellbeing and discover nature therapy, right on your doorstep in Sussex.

Hosted by the Green Wellbeing Alliance, spend the day visiting different outdoor therapy projects around Sussex, learning about the importance of nature on our mental wellbeing and the incredible work each group provides for our local communities. You’ll also be seeing innovative gardening, walking, foraging and community approaches.

The Green Wellbeing Alliance is a collaborative network of organisations that provide therapeutic outdoor activities for participants to improve their wellbeing and health while connecting with nature and other people. Our activities in nature benefit a huge range of people particularly those with mental health difficulties, dementia, at-risk young people, survivors of abuse, and people living with physical health conditions.

The Big Green Day Out is your opportunity to come and see our sites, meet the project leaders and experience the benefits — like an Open House, but outside. Drop by for tours, treats and tuning in.

View map of what’s happening where

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