New B-Bank wildlife haven for Brighton

30 November 2023

We are delighted to announce the creation of a new B-Bank (Butterfly and Bee Bank) in Queens Park in Brighton. Work to create the chalk bank started this week.

Each B-Bank is a unique eco-haven. Loaded with nutrient-rich chalk soil and various native wildflowers, these spaces are crucial for supporting our local pollinators and enhancing biodiversity. They’re not just spots of green; they’re vibrant, living ecosystems. And this isn’t just another park feature – it’s one of 20 such B-Banks dotting our city, each contributing to a more sustainable urban landscape. With more on the way by 2026!

Common blue butterfly on a cowslip with housing estate in the background
Common Blue Butterfly on Cowslip at Bates Housing Estate. Image by The Living Coast

It’s more than just planting flowers; it’s about growing our community’s connection with nature, enhancing our urban environment, and creating spaces where we can all find a bit of peace and natural beauty. This project is a perfect blend of environmental conservation and community spirit, and every one of you is a key part of it.

An Orchid on chalk grassland
Orchid on chalk grassland

This community-inspired project is bringing together The Friends of Queens Park, Brighton volunteer group with education rangers from The Living Coast UNESCO Biosphere and local parks, and the know-how of the Wild Flower Conservation Society – Brighton and Beyond. You can take part by spreading the word or volunteering!

Community planting session at Mile Oak Rec
Community planting session at Mile Oak Recreation Ground. Image by The Living Coast

As we make progress, your patience and enthusiasm are invaluable. There’s a bit of rerouting and dust at first, but it’s all part of crafting a beautiful, natural space for everyone to enjoy. We’re not just constructing a B-Bank; we’re crafting a legacy of community-led environmental stewardship.

A massive thank you to National Lottery Heritage Fund and National Trust who are making this project possible, through the fantastic Changing Chalk programme.

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National Lottery Heritage Fund logo
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The Living Coast UNESCO Biosphere

Katherine McKee

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