Staying Warm this Winter

6 October 2021

Rising energy prices have been widely publicised across the media in recent weeks and are likely to impact homes and businesses across our region this winter. Living Coast partners Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo) share some tips on what you can do to keep control of your energy bills.

  • Make your home as energy efficient as possible and check if you are eligible for any support to do so. A home energy saving survey will identify where you are wasting heat and energy and suggest solutions to help you fix it quicklyEnergy Survey
  • The average household in Brighton and Hove spends 62% of their energy costs on heating and hot water alone. Make sure your heating and hot water system are as energy efficient as possible with these suggestions – Heating and hot water
  • The majority of heat loss occurs in buildings that have little or no wall insulation. In the worst instances this can account for 35% of heat loss in a property. Understand what options you may have – insulate your walls
  • The energy price rises will impact every supplier.  However it may still be worth comparing your tariff with others.  You can do this without committing to switching suppliers – compare energy suppliers

Many people are also now thinking about alternative energy sources such as micro or home generation and also discovering how the community energy sector works.

Generating energy or heating hot water at home using solar power is becoming more commonplace and can help save money.  Learn more about whether solar power could be an option for your home or business.

Community energy groups are initiatives that help to meet the energy demand in an area through locally owned energy generating assets, energy efficiency upgrades, and campaigns which encourage tariff switching and the alleviation of fuel poverty. In order to reach net zero emissions by 2030, energy production is the main area that needs rapid and intense decarbonisation therefore community energy will play a part in net zero targets for 2030.

For further reading, discover why community energy offers a cost-effective solution to decarbonising heat in rural communities and how microgrids will transform how we use, buy, and sell energy across The Living Coast.

Businesses can also take action to reduce energy costs, and can receive financial support to do so.  Learn more about the LoCASE program for SMEs in the Living Coast region administered locally by the Green Growth Platform or, understand how you can improve your energy efficiency with a bespoke energy assessment.

Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-Operative (BHESCo) are a not-for-profit social enterprise who partner with both property owners and renters in Sussex, enabling them to take control over their energy supply and reduce the environmental impact of their homes and buildings. 

Thanks Dan Curtis, Customer Services & Communications at Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-op for all the useful advice.

By Sarah Ryman

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