Sussex Bay successfully launches to support marine conservation

14 June 2024

We were thrilled to be part of the launch of Sussex Bay on 13th June in Brighton & Hove.

Together with the Partners of the Living Coast UNESCO Biosphere and the members of the Sussex Marine And Coastal Forum, chaired by Nick Gray, we have been following and contributing to this project’s genesis for the past few years and were delighted to see it launch.

The ambition is huge: to raise £50 million pounds in the years to come, to support marine conservation and research.

The event launch featured many local players who have been instrumental in raising awareness on the urgent need to act on the conservation of our sea over the past years, including Sussex Underwater, the Kelp Recovery Project with Sussex Wildlife Trust, Lewis Crathern, who is Vice World Champion of Kite Surf, Joanne Preston, a marine biologist from the University of Portsmouth, etc. Sean Ashworth, Vice Chair of The Living Coast, who was one of the persons who enabled the Sussex IFCA trawling ban in 2021, was also mentioned several times, as the first person who came up with the “Sussex Bay” concept!

Led by Paul Brewer, who is the director for sustainability & resources at Adur & Worthing City Councils, and a board member of The Living Coast, their team includes Ruth Anslow on branding and marketing, Dean Spears as Head of Blue Natural Capital Lab, Rob and Diana Alcroft from Way Forward, Sam Zindel from B Corp digital agency Propellernet, and they have just recruited a very skilled research lead. The project benefits from core funding from the Esme Fairbairn foundation as well as Rewilding Britain.

In a story released by Brighton & Hove City Council, Martin Harris, Chair of The Living Coast UNESCO Biosphere, said: “Sussex Bay is another fantastic illustration of how people are coming together to protect our natural heritage so all residents can enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of the coast and be part of its future.”

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The Living Coast UNESCO Biosphere

Melanie David-Durand

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