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Tell us about Sussex Willow Coffins

Sussex Willow Coffins create hand crafted eco-friendly coffins made from 100% natural materials, selling wholesale to the funeral trade and directly to families. Hand woven at a small workshop in the heart of the Sussex countryside, makers encourage families to take part in the weaving of a loved ones coffin as a tool for coming to terms with the loss of a loved on. These wicker caskets are certified for cremation as well as being well suited to natural burial and green funerals.

How is Sussex Willow Coffins supporting conservation and our natural environment?

We plant trees and manage land sustainably to supply our business. Early in 2021 we planted a one acre sized organic withy bed near Ardingly in Sussex. It has now been fully planted with around 50,000 willow trees of several Willow varieties. This is managed organically supporting local biodiversity and is harvested annually to create wicker for us to use when weaving our coffins. As a result of the planting we will now be self-sufficient in willow for our Natural Willow Coffins. Carefully selected varieties of Willow have been planted, to ensure a high yield of usable material for weaving. The mix of varieties will also aid in the diversification of the coppice crop making it more naturally resistant to pests and disease. We will also be experimenting with planting leguminous cover crops between the rows of willow; to keep grass and invasive weeds out, whilst enhancing the biodiversity of the plot.

We aim to reduce the carbon footprint of a coffin by sourcing as much of the materials from the local area as possible, along with the willow rods themselves Ash is coppiced from a local woodland to use for the structural elements of the design, we are constantly evolving to use more local materials wherever possible in our production process.

What is Sussex Willow Coffins doing to promote sustainable development in The Living Coast?

By providing an entirely natural coffin option we are helping people to make sustainable life choice right to the very end. We also write about and encourage discussion around natural and woodland burial via our social channels and website blog.

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